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Deciding What to Do about Your Old Bathroom Sink?

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Perhaps you are thinking that you need a change in your bathroom, and you are no longer satisfied with your old bathroom sink?

There are three things to do...

One is to keep it as it is, if it is not in poor condition, and refurbish the rest of your bathroom including the surrounds of the sink, such as mirrors, shelves, and even faucets.

Another thing you can do is to restore your old bathroom sink. If the sink is a cast iron one covered with enamel or porcelain, it will probably be worth your while as it is vintage or even antique. You can have it restored by an expert, or if you are a really skilled spray painter, you could buy a kit and restore it yourself. If your sink is one of the very rare solid porcelain ones, you are very lucky as it is valuable. They stopped making those at the time of the First World War. It should be restored by an expert, though.

The third thing is to just replace it. This is your best option if your old bathroom sink is not old enough to be valuable, but old enough to look outdated, stained or just plain ugly. Your bathroom sink is very often the focal point of your bathroom. When you have arranged the décor of your bathroom and chosen the new fixtures and fittings, your next step is to remove your old sink.

Getting Rid of Old Sink

Turn Off Main Water Supply

Find the shutoff valves to the sink and turn them off. If they are not in their usual place below the sink, you will have to turn off the main water supply. Once the water (hot and cold) has been disconnected, test the faucets and drain off the remaining water in the pipes between the shutoffs and the faucets. Now you need to put a basin or bucket under the sink while you disconnect the trap under the sink. There are nuts on the trap which need to be removed first. Empty the water from the trap into the container. Now you can disconnect the water supply pipes from the stub outs in the wall. These, as well as the drainpipe stub out you can leave for the new sink, if it is to be installed in the same place as the old sink. Once all your plumbing has been disconnected, you can concentrate on removing the old bathroom sink

Remove Bathroom Sink Countertop

For a sink mounted in a countertop, you need to remove the whole countertop if your new sink is a different size or shape, and replace it. If the new sink is the same size, you will have to remove the clips if there are any, and the old silicone caulking with a utility knife. Then lift out the old sink. Occasionally the adhesive used is so strong that you will have to very carefully break out the basin and have the countertop refinished. This is only worthwhile if your countertop is something special, like marble or a rare wood. You will similarly have to remove the clips and silicone adhesive if your old sink is an undermount kind.

Remove Bolts

If your old bathroom sink is a pedestal type, the bolts into the floor on the inside of the pedestal will have to be removed. If it does not have bolts, the tile adhesive holding it down will have to be chipped and chiseled away.

If your old bathroom sink is wall mounted, and fixed to the wall by brackets, it should lift out once the plumbing is disconnected and the caulking is removed. If it is bolted to the wall, you need to prop up the sink while you are removing the bolts, or get a strong helper to hold it up.

Now you have removed your old bathroom sink you may have to do a bit of repairing of the wall, floor tiles, or vanity countertop, then you are ready to install you beautiful new bathroom sink.

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