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Corner Bathroom Sink and Usage

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Normally a corner bathroom sink is used where there is a shortage of space. The corner sinks are useful in under-stair toilet closets, entrance hall cloakrooms, swimming pool change rooms, apartment bathrooms or anywhere where space is a problem. There is another place where they are ideal, and that is in disabled-friendly bathrooms. Here they take up so little space that they leave maximum floor space for turning wheelchairs. They also have the advantage that they have no jutting out corners, a hazard for disabled people.

Kinds of Corner Bathroom Sink

You get a simple corner bathroom sink that allows a certain amount of knee room underneath, ideal for people in wheel chairs. This tends to be among the lower costing type of sink. Corner sinks are available as either wall-mounted designs or pedestal types. There are a large variety of designs, from tiny hand-rinse basins to larger basins suitable for washing, cleaning teeth and even washing hair.

They come in different styles, from old Victorian basins set on tiled wash stands through plain oval, round, cockle-shells, deep, scooped out marble-look, to the modern, chrome stands with glass basins. A very attractive modern style is a transparent white basin set on a frosted glass panel with concealed lighting underneath so that it glows like alabaster.

Vanity-type Corner Sinks

These include an amazing selection of corner cabinets, triangular-shaped to fit in the corner. These can be streamlined modern cabinets or traditional cabinet makers’ masterpieces. They can include drawers, cupboards, shelves and even carving. They can stand on pedestals or have legs. Some are made to look like antique shaving stands. They can be made of almost any available type of wood. Of course the most important is the preservation of that wood.

Great care should be taken to water-proof it and ensure stain-resistant surfaces. Apart from wood, cabinets for a corner bathroom sink can be made of stainless steel, powder-coated steel, heavy duty plastics, wicker-work, bamboo and glass, and can even be built-in with tiled or mosaic surfaces. The sinks are usually sunk into the cabinets, but corner sinks can also be set on top, the plumbing concealed at the back. Faucets, soap dishes, toiletry racks, towel rails and utility shelves are available in as many designs as there are designs in corner bathroom sinks. There are traditional, antique, ultra-modern, streamlined and some just plain weird. They are generally made of practical materials, easy to keep clean, stainless steel, glass, brass, copper, or combination of these.

Colors and Shapes of a Corner Bathroom Sinks

Apart from plain white corner bathroom sinks, which are a good option if you think you may change the color-scheme of the rest of your bathroom some day, you get a variety of different colors and shades. They are usually pastels and light or muted colors, but occasionally dark or vivid colors are available. You may like to get matching colors to go with your walls and floors, or you may go for complementing colors.

You may even choose contrasting colors, but remember disharmonious color can become very disturbing if you get tired of them, later on. Currently black and white is very popular for color-schemes, as well as a single vivid color with everything else chrome and glass and muted colors. Another favorite is an earthy scheme with shades of brown, cream and off-white. A copper or rust-colored corner bathroom sink can look stunning with this.

As far as shapes and sizes of corner bathrooms sinks go, there is a huge variety. They go from tiny round basins to large utilitarian tubs. As far as shapes go, the modern fashion is for the unusual! Plain oval is still popular, but variations of oval, egg-shaped, irregular round and oval, trough-like rectangular and square are available. There are even rough-edged basins that look like hollowed out chunks of wood! In almost every piece of bathroom furniture and fixtures there is scope today for artistic expression. So, go ahead and enjoy yourself.

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