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Contemporary Bathroom Furniture Styles

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Contemporary bathroom furniture is all about lines and angles…

Soft curves, circular designs and scrolled or carved styles are not considered proper in modern day society. Colors tend to be subdued, but rich. Black, burgundy, or dark blues are very popular.

A really big deal is made of lighting and some stunning effects are sometimes created. Metal is often used, but almost never shiny. Brushed brass, chrome, copper are popular. An odd shaped vase with other organic materials instead of flowers, a statue or even large ornament is sometimes brought in as a startling focal point in minimalist bathrooms.

Minimalist Styles

If minimalist intrigues you, you need to go for contemporary bathroom furniture with straight, plain lines. The cabinets are frequently wall mounted, with no pedestal, and this leaves a good space for very interesting lighting effects. If you have high gloss glass or porcelain floor tiles, you can get the effect of a luminous sea of glass when these lights are on at night.

Another beautiful lighting effect is a vessel sink on a frosted glass counter top with diffused lighting shining through from below. Everything in this type of bathroom is sleek, subtle and down played. The faucets are as inconspicuous as possible and furniture door handles and knobs are non-existent. The modern spa steam showers that look like space capsules go wonderfully with this setting.

Gothic Contemporary Bathroom Furniture

Blackened wrought iron, glass, and very stark but ornamental gothic elements are exactly right. Bright lights or warm lighting are quite out. The atmosphere you should try to capture is a cold, dim look. Obviously comfortable looking furniture is a no-no.

The fixtures should look exciting but be about as comfortable looking as a dungeon. The only softening effect is given by dark colored but gorgeously printed or beaded or sequined soft furnishings, such as curtains or blinds, towels, even cushions and throws. They give an almost oriental look to the bathroom.

If this is your thing you will have to choose basic bathroom fixtures, and use your decorating skills on trimmings, fittings and faucets.

Among contemporary bathroom furniture, vanities and other cabinets can always be found to go with this theme. Here you would probably choose dark wood finishes or paint. You may like to ‘age’ the wood with special paint or stain effects. As far as handles, hinges and door knobs go, this is where you can really go to town with the gothic trimmings. They are available in hundreds of different designs. Generally you would choose blackened metals. Wall paint or tiles could be darkish to give a stone castle effect. Or you may prefer stark white to show up the dark metals. Wall hangings and decorations are abundant and you should be able to find all kinds of intriguing racks, cup holders for toothbrushes, and ornamental shelves.

Mother Earth Contemporary Bathroom Furniture

In this style you get two types of décor.

Firstly, the emphasis is on texture and very subtle variations of color. These are dull gold, brass, copper, whites, creams and all the brown shades of earth colors. When you choose contemporary bathroom furniture for this theme, you can choose a retro look, a simple modern look or your own eclectic look. Faucets and fittings tend to be chunky and modern. Brushed metals of all kinds are popular, such as brass, copper, chrome, pewter look, or darkened. Textures are where your artistic abilities are put to work. You will require a lot of skill, or a lot of homework to find a happy mix of textures from materials such as cork, wood, glass, metals, ceramics, pebbles, stone, stone chips, bricks and mosaics. A general rule of thumb in textures is contrast: rough with smooth, hard with soft, dull with shiny.

Then you get zen designs. They share the earthy, natural colors and some texture, but the contemporary bathroom furniture tends to be on the minimalist side. However the straight lines of true minimalist are not the rule. All you use the minimalist look for is to create an atmosphere of airiness and serenity.

Smooth curves are preferred to sharp corners. Symmetry is more important than odd angles. Faucets and fittings are generally chunky and modern and simple rather than elaborate. They are usually of brushed metals. Where the minimalist décor makes you feel surreal, and the gothic gives an adrenalin rush, the mother earth and zen bathrooms offer you relaxation and a sense of peace.

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