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Finding a Perfect Furniture-Style Bathroom Vanity

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Why to select a furniture style bathroom vanity?

You know a bathroom vanity always gives a touch of elegance and class to your bathroom. In fact bathroom vanities hold a primary position in any bathroom. The perfect vanity is a handsome centrepiece for your bathroom. Furthermore, it can help bring the whole room together. However, there are many types of bathroom vanities. Each type can have a different effect upon your bathroom. Furniture-style bathroom vanities bring a sense of comfort to your bathroom.

What type of Furniture-Style Bathroom Vanity is Suitable for Your Bathroom?

Bathroom furniture-style vanities come in a variety of designs and sizes. Choices range from ornately carved antique furniture-style vanities to contemporary designs. Prices vary accordingly. If you are willing to indulge, then a luxurious antique can add that finishing touch to your bathroom. There are many discount furniture-style vanities nowadays. Hence, you do not need to spend a lot to complete your bathroom. The final choice does depend upon your taste at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that the vanity is for your bathroom. Certain materials might not be suitable for the bathroom atmosphere. The humidity and moisture can definitely cause mould and mildew on unprotected material. The type of material also depends upon the type of furniture vanity you require. The type of material use depends on the style of the vanity.


Your bathroom style will make a major impact upon the vanity you purchase. A contemporary furniture-style bathroom vanity made from glass, steel and chrome is likely to look trendy in a contemporary bathroom. However, it might look completely out of place in a traditional style home.


Bathroom furniture-style vanities tend to come in many materials nowadays. Antique vanities tend to be composed of wood. Mahogany, oak and maple are most commonly used. However, if they are antique the material does tend to be untreated. If you are keen on investing in an antique furniture-style bathroom vanity then be prepared to apply stains and a finish to your antique. This is essential around the cabinet and cupboard area of the vanity. This is because these areas do not tend to be treated as they are done nowadays. However, you can invest in modern imitations that have been properly treated. Do not be fooled by the fact that they are imitations. They will exhibit the same type of intricate patterns that antique vanities have. Furthermore, they would not have any wear and tear unlike antique vanities. There are other types of materials used for furniture-style bathroom vanities.

Glass is another type of material used for furniture-style bathroom vanities. The material is mostly used in contemporary vanities. The glass used is immensely strong, yet sleek and stylish. Thus, it provides that elegant appeal in a bathroom. However, be aware that glass can be easily scratched. Do not opt for a glass vanity if you have a family or highly used bathroom. There are many types of vanities that have glass combined with wood or steel to add an elegant touch. Similar to glass parts, furniture-style bathroom vanities can be made from other types of materials.

Vanities tend to have granite, marble, ceramic or glass countertops. Your choice depends on your taste and whether they comply with the style of your bathroom. However, when making your choice, remember that the vanity is for your bathroom. Granite and marble tend to be durable and easy to maintain. However, ceramic and glass do tend to require frequent maintenance.

Another part of the furniture style vanities include faucets. Faucets can be made from materials including: chrome and steel. As with the other materials of a vanity, you must be able to suit the style of your bathroom. If your bathroom displays a traditional style opt for chrome or copper finishes. These materials can add elegance and an antique appeal. Remember that your plumbing fixture faucets must have the same type of material to add balance. If you have a contemporary bathroom, opt for chrome or steel. These materials add style to the vanity and to your bathroom as well.

Choosing the right furniture-style bathroom vanity is a difficult task. Nevertheless, with a bit of planning and research, you will find that perfect vanity. If you are unsure always seek professional help. Vanities tend to be rather pricy regardless of being antique or modern. You do not want your money to go to waste. Always remember that you must ensure that the vanity goes well with your bathroom style. Do not purchase a furniture-style bathroom vanity just because it is beautiful. If it does not suit your bathroom it can lead to clashing results. Take your time, you will find the perfect vanity for your bathroom.