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Choose proper Materials, Styles and Spout Options for Bathroom Sink Faucets

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Bathroom sink faucets offer you such a wide range of metals, styles, shapes and working mechanisms that you will probably have a hard time making your choice.

Since your sink is the most frequently used fixture in your bathroom, you should probably try and get the best quality bathroom sink faucets that you can afford. You don’t want to be continually repairing or even replacing them.

Material options

Apart from the very popular shiny chrome, you can choose from metals that look like wrought iron, pewter and gold or brushed chrome, shiny brass, brushed brass, bronze, or copper.

Copper can be kept shiny and pinkish, like new, or it can be allowed to age and develop its own patina.

And you can get combination of metals together in one fitting. You can also get faucets with parts of decorated enamel, marble, glass, and even some with interchangeable parts, so at first you could have the stems of your faucets in gold and cream ceramic, and a few weeks later, when you get tired of it, some dainty flowers, or enameled dragons, perhaps!

Style options

Your bathroom sink faucets provide the finishing touches to the theme of your bathroom. You can get the most beautiful replicas of Colonial or Victorian faucets.

Colonial tend to have details of the old metal workers’ skill and artistry.

Victorian is more utilitarian, often in black wrought iron look, with goose-neck spouts and sometimes partly enameled with tiny flowers. Traditional faucets often have little enamel disks with ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ written on them.

The more contemporary faucets range from elegant curves to chunky square. Bathroom sink faucets come in highly ornamental designs to so discrete as to be hardly visible, for the seamless look.

Handle Options

Handles in the traditional style usually have 4 little protrusions shaped to fit your hand. In the olden days there were always 2 separate handles, each protruding from its own hole in the sink, one hot and one cold.

New technology has made it possible for hot and cold water to be delivered by means of a mixer through one spout, and even using one lever-type handle with 4 positions: hot; cold; high pressure; or low pressure; or a combination of all 4 options at once. This type of bathroom sink faucet needs only one hole in the sink basin.

Spout Options

Spouts for sink faucets are designed for whatever purpose that are needed. If you use the bathroom sink for washing your hands only, a small, flattish spout may be all that you need. If you need the sink to use for washing your face, a taller, narrow swivel type would be better.

Then you can move it out of the way after you have filled the sink with water, so that you don’t bump your face on it when you bend over the basin.

If you intend to wash your hair in the sink, you’ll need an even higher arched spout that you can get your head under. You’ll need a good mixer to adjust the water temperature before you start, so you don’t have to struggle to change the water temperature, while your head is scalding and you have shampoo in your eyes.

So you can see the choice is endless, and most of the new styles are so beautiful that they are hard to choose from.

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