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Selecting a Bathroom Shower Enclosure

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When you are designing your bathroom, you might opt for a bathroom shower enclosure. Shower enclosures are visually appealing. A shower enclosure adds a sense of class to your bathroom. However, it does have its functional benefits. Shower enclosures were originally designed as an alternative of the bathtub. It also serves as a private area for you to take your shower. Thus, you would not feel exposed. Shower enclosures are also meant to contain steam or water escaping during a shower.

A contemporary bathroom shower enclosure tends to be attached to the floor. It is also connected to the wall in the recessed area of the bathroom. Plexiglas or tempered glass is normally used to build the enclosure. The glass is normally surrounded with a metal frame. A door is attached to one side. Sliding doors are used most of the time. There is a wide variety of bathroom shower enclosures available.

You would definitely need to research before you venture out to a store. It is best if you have an idea of what you want before you enter the store. Your choices can vary from custom-designed models to pre-fabricated models made of plastic or glass. Metal frames tend to be optional. This makes it easy if you have a difficult shaped shower area or bath tub.

Suitable Bathroom Shower Enclosure

There are five major types of enclosures suitable for the bathroom. Each has its own style and functionality. If you are seriously considering opting for a shower enclosure, it is best to know about these enclosures.

Fiberglass Bathroom Shower Enclosures

Fiberglass enclosures tend to be the most popular. Shower sectionals and sections are made of 100% fiberglass or a fiberglass and polyester resin combination. If you have a busy schedule then this is the ideal type. This is because these shower enclosures require little maintenance. Furthermore, it does tend to come with a range of functionality.

Tempered-Glass and Acrylic Bathroom Shower Enclosure

If you have a curved shower area then this is the ideal enclosure for you. These shower enclosures can be framed or not framed. In addition to a sleek appearance, it is perfect for walk-in shower areas. Thus, you do not need to have doors. It is quite ideal if you are claustrophobic. As with fiberglass shower enclosures, these enclosures are also easy to maintain. They tend to be quite sturdy. Thus, they are suitable for high traffic or family bathrooms.

Tile Bathroom Enclosures

A tile bathroom shower enclosure tends to be suitable for those who want a unique appeal. There is a wide selection of colours, designs, shapes and styles. However, the only disadvantage is that these showers are prone to mould and mildew. Thus, regular maintenance is required. In addition, when installing you would need to properly seal the enclosure.

Glass Block Bathroom Enclosures

If you want privacy then a glass block bathroom shower enclosure is ideal. They also offer sturdiness, stain-resistance and low maintenance. These types of shower enclosures tend to be expensive. Furthermore, you would require professional installation. However, the results are amazing.

Metal Shower Enclosures for the Bathroom

Elegance and strength is the best way to describe a metal bathroom enclosure. Stainless steel and copper modules tend to be the available models. The advantages of these enclosures are that they are anti-bacterial, low-maintenance, stain resistant, non-corrosive, and mould and mildew proof. Further yet, these units come with sound suppressant materials. Thus, you will have your very own sound-proof bathroom enclosure. Indulge yourself in the most modern shower enclosure for your bathroom.

Shower enclosures for the bathroom have unlimited choices. This would make it easier for you to make your choice. However, it is important to know about the types of enclosure before-hand. It is possible to find the best enclosure for the budget that you have. Unless you are a professional do not attempt to install it yourself. You do not want the entire unit to collapse on you. Make sure that you follow the safety guidelines with enclosures. This is essential with a high traffic or family bathroom.Take your time when searching for an enclosure. Hasty decisions might have dire consequences. Have an idea of what you want before you go into the store. With your time and effort you are bound to find that perfect enclosure.

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