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Return of Bathroom Shower Curtains

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Bathroom shower curtains were frequently used before shower doors took the world by storm. Now, although many bathrooms have various kinds of shower doors, you can find that many people are opting for shower curtains again.

There are usually three reasons for this. Firstly they are so much less expensive than installing shower doors, and secondly they are often ideal for rented apartments. Third may be that the interior decoration history is going to repeat itself.

Shower curtains are usually used over an existing bathtub, where fitting shower doors would pose problems and a great deal of expense, as well as being prohibited by some landlords. But, make no mistake the boring monochromatic plastic flower print curtains of long ago are no more in use. Today shower curtains come in such interesting and beautiful designs that you can really enhance your bathroom and even make a feature of them.

Ideas for Bathroom Shower Curtains in Bathroom Décor

Every conceivable pattern and print of fabric is available to hang gathered from rings on a rod. These give a light and cheerful look to your bathroom, the way patterned and printed window curtains do.

Because there are so many colors available, there will be no problem getting the right ones to enhance the colors of your bathroom walls, tiles, floor or accessories.

You can also get hook-less curtains that give a totally different look – more tailored and less frivolous. They tend to hang in neat pleats. They are also available in any number of colors and designs.

Then, what is really interesting is you can get giant poster-look curtains. These are made to hang straight and smooth so that when you enter your bathroom you can see the whole picture. These bathroom shower curtains can have giant cartoons, teenage type pictures of automobiles, airplanes, sports themes, fantasy figures, gags and other humorous themes.

Then you can choose beautiful nature scenes, animals, vistas of night-time skies or city lights. If you appreciate art, you could choose a really freaky abstract composition.

Another really cool idea is curtains in different textures of materials, so that the light over the tub behind the curtains shines through some parts of the curtains and not through the thicker parts. This gives a lovely effect of some parts of the curtains glowing with a brighter color than others in all sorts of patterns.

How to install Bathroom Shower Curtains

If you have decided on bathroom shower curtains, then the next step will be for you to install a rod or track from which the curtain can be suspended. These come in all types, and flexible or curved ones are available which can be adapted to fit into difficult spaces.

Some bathroom shower curtains have the linings attached, but if they have not, you may need to install a double track.

You will have to decide on the length of the curtains and measure the length you want before you purchase the curtains. Curtain tracks can be attached to the ceiling and this is often a popular choice as there is no gap above the curtain and the whole effect looks more streamlined and more permanent.

If you don’t want to drill into walls or ceilings or through bathroom tiles and leave permanent holes then you might opt for a telescopic shower curtain rod. This is spring loaded and can be fitted and tightened between two walls.

If you want the hookless kind of bathroom shower curtains, you should thread the rod through the curtain eye holes, before mounting the rod. If you are using hooks, thread them on the rod or add them later, depending on the type you use, then hang up the curtains after the rod has been mounted.

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