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Tips to Use Bathroom Mirror for Decorating

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There are many unique treatments for a bathroom mirror. Only your imagination is the limits. Hopefully these few will get you started to generate your own ideas for using mirrors for decoration of your bathroom.

• For an old-fashioned but super-feminine look you can hang drapes and a valance to frame your bathroom wall mirror. This type of décor goes with soft furry bath mats or rugs and shiny tiles and fittings. You could have a dolly varden type of vanity sink, with frilly, matching curtains. To complete the theme, the vanity mirror should have a string of small lights along the top. To add to this early Hollywood style from the days of glamour, you need gold-look faucets and toiletry accessories of heavy cut glass, as well as huge, fluffy powder puffs.

• A very small bathroom can look double its size by having one glass wall. This bathroom wall mirror can be a single large sheet. This would be very expensive and difficult to install. It could be glass panels, either separately framed or simply set in among the tiles. Or it could be made up of mirror tiles. These are cheaper and so easy that you can probably lay them yourself.

• If you have a bare, empty wall, you can fill it up with a collection of bathroom mirror, in attractive groupings. Take care, though that you don’t try this method in a small, cramped bathroom or you could end up with a cluttered look that makes it seem smaller than ever. In such a bathroom a single, large mirror may look better.

• There is a superstition that two mirrors placed opposite each other are unlucky, but there is no getting away from the fact that this arrangement can be very interesting. Two or even more bathroom mirror reflecting one another at different angles can add all sorts of new dimensions and perspectives to your bathrooms. Here is where you need to take care though. Be very aware of what you are reflecting. Lights, tiles, ornaments, windows, murals reflecting and re-reflecting and bouncing images off one another to infinity are most exciting and imaginative. However you don’t want to walk into your bathroom and get the impression of about a dozen toilets or even bathtubs!

• Mirrors used as shelves, can be used to give fascinating reflections of whatever stands on them. They are ideal for lamps, candles, brass, copper or bronze items, potplants or pure white ornaments.

• Beautifully framed old bathroom mirror, though sometimes yellowed and even distorted, can give a very soft glow of age and permanence to an antique style of bathroom.

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