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Tips to Use Bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet

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Traditionally the bathroom mirror medicine cabinet is a small white ‘box’ with a tiny, inconvenient mirror that hangs above the bathroom sink. In many bathrooms, surprisingly, this is still used so.

Very often they are far too small for the average family’s medications and health supplements, as well the very necessary first aid kit, bandages and Elastoplasts. If a tall man can just see his face in the mirror, then his small children definitely won’t be able to. To me this idea is so impractical. You need much more storage space.

In practical terms, this is just the area you need to keep all your toiletries that you use for washing, shaving and cleaning teeth within easy reach of the sink. Ideally, a large cabinet mirror surrounded with ample shelves or racks for toiletries would be just right. So we are going to give this space over to those toiletries and explore other places in the bathroom where a bathroom mirror medicine cabinet can be kept.

Bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet: Alternative Places for It.

One of the last places you would probably want a mirror is behind the bathroom door.

Bathroom medicine cabinet, yes, why not?

I’m not so sure – unless, of course, you are superstitious! In some folk-lore, a mirror behind the bathroom door keeps evil spirits out! So, with or without the mirror, this is the area we are going to investigate first. If the bathroom door opens flat against the wall, the area behind it is really wasted space. If you have a very shallow, fully recessed cabinet here, it will give you tall, wide storage for small bottles and boxes – ideal in fact for a medicine cabinet. It shouldn’t interfere with the opening and closing of the bathroom door at all. The only slight inconvenience will be that you have to close the bathroom door if you want to open the cabinet doors. Here is an excellent space for a huge door-sized medicine cabinet, or even a bathroom mirror medicine cabinet if the evil ones worry you!

You may have a bathroom that is big enough for parts of it to be partitioned off. For instance, you may have a partition or drywall between the toilet and the bathtub, shower and sink areas, or between a gym area and the rest of the bathroom. This kind of structure would be ideal to hold a cabinet. You could install a built-in bathroom mirror medicine cabinet with the mirror facing out towards the rest of the bathroom. As medicines are typically kept in small bottles and boxes, you don’t need much width to your medicine cabinet, and its footprint will be quite small, no wider than a 5 – 6 inch drywall or partition.

I am sure you will find many other spaces where you can recess a bathroom mirror medicine cabinet in your bathroom. Quite often the wall space above the bathroom fixtures, such as bathtub, or toilet is useful. You can utilize this space for your cabinet and at the same time brighten up some dull wall space with a nice bright mirror.

Precautions to use Bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet

Wherever messy or dangerous substances and drugs are kept, you need to take a few special precautions:

• You may want to keep bathroom cleaning substances locked away, as well as insecticides, mosquito repellents, leather dyes, etc., and this is a good idea, as these could be disastrous in the hands of children. But don’t be tempted to keep them in your medicine cabinet. Small containers that look similar to medicines could cause fatal accidents. Have a completely separate cupboard with a separate door and lock for these.

• If you use glass shelves in your bathroom mirror medicine cabinet you will find them much easier to keep clean, because inevitably sticky substances run down the outsides of the bottles, and powders get spilled. Sometimes over time the combination of gooey stuff can build up and would really ruin a wooden shelf.

• The medicine cabinet should either be lit up from the inside or have a convenient light above or beside it. You don’t want anyone staggering into the bathroom in the middle of the night, half asleep, and grabbing a bottle of heart pills instead of headache tablets.

• Do take care to keep medicine cabinets locked and safe from children or the children of visitors.

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