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Is Bathroom Lighting Important At All?

Write Down Your Answer and Read this Article Carefully to Make a Choice!

Bathroom lighting is not considered very important in comparison to the lighting in other parts of the house. In fact there is an inordinately greater focus on appropriate lighting in the other rooms of the house and almost little or no attention to that in bathrooms. However, in this new age of superior design, materials and gadgetry, lighting up a bathroom adequately and appropriately has become equally as important.

Why Do You Need Bathroom Lighting?

Bathrooms are more than just bathrooms today; they provide serenity and relaxation. Together with the spa bath tub, steam shower, and exquisite toiletry, lighting provides that additional element for the perfect bathroom. The ideal lighting can change a bathroom from dim and gloomy to bright and happy if you have chosen correctly. Additionally, picking the appropriate lighting can also reduce those dreaded electricity bills.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Bathroom?

How do you choose the ideal lighting for your bathroom?

Do you just pick and choose randomly?

Or do you choose according to the colour and theme of your bathroom?

Well, at the end of the day bathroom lighting does depend on your taste as well. However, there are a few rules you can follow in order to achieve your perfect bathroom. These rules relate to the section of the bathroom that requires lighting, the intensity of lighting preferred in the bathroom, and the size of bathroom. Furthermore, it is important to have a balance of three or four basic types of lighting; general lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting.

A good lighting plan consists of using different lighting techniques for each part of the bathroom. Normally bright light is required for areas such as the shower, whereas, other areas might require softer lighting.

Showers and bath tubs require bright light to help avoid spilling make-up, and make shampooing and shaving easier. It is best to use light fixtures that are designed for use in wet areas. In addition, direct the light at the outside edge of the tub in order to avoid glare for a bath tub. Recessed features are useful for these areas as they provide enough light to brighten up the area. However, dedicated light fixtures are not required for shower stalls with clear glazed doors in a small bathroom.

Natural lighting is essential for bathrooms. They not only conserve electricity, but can add a cheery ambience to the bathroom as well. Natural lighting can be in the form of light flooding in from the window or light streaming in from a skylight. This type of lighting is useful for lighting up the whole bathroom if necessary.

Selection of lighting may impact daily grooming rituals...There is nothing more annoying than not being able to do your make-up because you cannot see clearly. How about shaving the wrong way because it looked good in the dim light? The way to solve this is to use warm lighting. Warm fluorescent vertical bathroom wall scones provide lighting adequate for daily grooming. Another option is to mount sidelights directly onto mirrors. Vertical light fixtures on either side of the mirror are excellent for providing sufficient light. In addition, do not use bright lights around the mirror in small bathrooms. Subtle sconces are the best choice as they prevent glare and does not overpower the bathroom.

Another more discreet type of light fixtures is table lamps. Table lamps add a soft, human touch to bathrooms. They are useful to keep on tables, vanities or bathroom islands as a form of decorative lighting. Nevertheless, make sure that they are kept well away from water sources, such as the basin or shower stall. However, most bathrooms can just do well with the main ceiling fixture than using means of decorative lighting.

In order to give an elegant appeal to your bathroom, use decorative pendant light fixtures or mini chandeliers as ceiling fixtures. These types of light fixtures not only act as decorative lighting but also provide task lighting. The intensity of light, such as how bright it is, depends upon the type of light fixture you choose for the ceiling. Most often the main lighting for the bathroom is attached to the ceiling, especially in small bathrooms. Nevertheless, if you do not wish for this opt for a warmer and dimmer light fixture so that it does not drown out the light from the other light fixtures.

All in all, these few tips should aid you in picking the right type of bathroom lighting. Keep in mind that the perfect choice does slightly depend on your taste. However, it is best to have a balance of the four types of light fixtures. If you want to have a unique bathroom it is best not to have only one light fixture. Do not choose the light fixture if it is too dim or too bright as it might ruin the ambiance of the bathroom. Instead, follow the rules and you should have no problem in having your ideal bathroom. Additionally, keep in mind, light is an essential element in interior design. This is because without light there is no color, structure, or consistency.

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