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Bathroom Design Furniture for a Family Bathroom

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Bathroom design furniture is ideal when you have a large family and they have to use the same bathroom. The best way to utilize the bathroom space is to install a large floor to ceiling cupboard on an open area of wall, and divide it into square compartments.

The best kinds of bathroom design furniture like ‘cubby holes’ or ‘lockers’ can be wall mounted or partially recessed into the wall to save space. It is appropriate to make a number of compartments in the cupboard. It would be ideal in a bright, cheerful bathroom which is shared by not only the adults but also the children. Here are a few ideas to utilize bathroom design furniture:

Tips for Bathroom Furniture

• Some of the compartments can be made without doors and used to display attractive thing like rolled up or folded towels or jars of herbal preparations or baskets of hand made soap. You could also use them for easy and visible access to items that visitors may need. Neither they nor you would like them to have to rummage through closets and cabinets searching for towels or soap or toilet paper.

• It might be quite interesting in a bathroom to work out a checker board pattern of open compartments and ones with doors, or even two different colors for the doors, or multi colour doors. It will add not only beauty but also utility to your bathroom.

• Some bathroom design furniture can have doors, perhaps in different bright colors, one for each child, for their own towels, face cloths, shampoo or bath toys. If your bathroom style is geared towards small children, they might like to have cartoon characters or super heroes stencilled, painted or transferred on to the doors of their own cupboards. They can even place their toys in the compartments which shall add to colors of the bathroom.

• Teens will also have toiletries, make up and hair dryers to store in some bathroom design furniture. They are usually very fussy about siblings sharing their stuff! They may also have a radio or CD player to listen to music in the bath.

• You might like to leave the shelves out of 3 or 4 compartments, one below the other to leave an opening or cupboard for hanging bathrobes. It shall not only provide ease to change your dresses but also more colors to your cheerful bathroom.

• Some can have doors and be lockable for safe storage of medicines or bathroom detergents.

• Some can be used for linen or spare toiletries and toilet paper rolls.

• You may use different lights in the compartments to give an extraordinary look to your bathroom.

I could go on and on with ideas, but I’m sure you have plenty of your own. If you find these ideas useful, good luck with your project.

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