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Categories of American Standard Bathroom Faucets

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You may identify six main kinds of American standard bathroom faucets found commonly in homes today. There are many variations of styles and finishes, but the workings inside most frequently belong to one of the major six types; compression faucets, diaphragm faucets, cartridge faucets, ball faucets, disk faucets and electronic faucets. However, these six types are available in great variety.

American Standard Bathroom Faucets: Compression Faucets

They are also known as washer-type faucets. These are the old favorites that have been in our bathrooms for a long time. They are the original bathroom faucets. They are still popular especially for antique bathroom interiors, Victorian or Edwardian or Colonial or French farmhouse décor.

As they are usually made of solid metals such as brass or stainless steel or chrome plate, and have a simple mechanism, they last just about forever. At intervals they tend to start leaking and then they need either new washers, or washers plus re-seating. There are usually two separate handles for hot and cold water. Often they have a white disk in the center of the handle with ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ written on it in various types of script.

Sometimes there is no writing but just a blue disk to indicate ‘cold’ and a red disk to indicate ‘hot’. When you turn the handle, a valve opens and water is allowed to flow. When the handle is turned the other way it tightens down and compresses a washer, which stops the flow. From time to time these washers perish and need replacing. If the disk below it gets worn, it will need re-seating with a re-seating tool, or you can buy a re-seating kit.

American Standard Bathroom Faucets: Diaphragm Faucets

These are very similar to the Compression Faucets, but they do not have a washer. They have a diaphragm instead. When they need to be replaced, the faucet mechanism is opened up and the diaphragm is prized out and replaced with a new one.

American Standard Bathroom Faucets: Cartridge Faucets

These are available with one or two handles. These are ideal to add a more contemporary look to your bathroom. They are often found in one of the new brushed finishes, such as brushed brass, brushed copper or bronze, pewter-look, or blackened bronze. Instead of the old shiny look, they are sometimes available in a ‘satin look’, which is almost shiny but less brash and more subtle. Inside the faucet is the cartridge stem. In order to regulate the water flow, the handle moves it up and down.

If the cartridge faucet is the single handled kind, the handle will move from side to side to regulate the heat of the water. The two handled type looks rather like a washer-type faucet, but the handles have a different ‘feel’ to them.

Very often repairing these faucets means replacing them, unless you are a real expert in how they work. If you do replace or repair them, follow instructions carefully. Some kinds require you to apply a silicone grease as a lubricant.

American Standard Bathroom Faucets: Ball Faucets

These are also a fairly modern development, and go well with the minimalist look of bathroom interiors. They have a single lever-type handle attached to a round faucet base section. Inside the round controller are chambers that regulate both the water flow and the required mix of hot and cold water. If repairing involves worn parts, then you need to replace them.

Sometimes the ball or chambers become clogged if your water is very hard, that is, if it contains a lot of minerals. If this is so you can try soaking the parts in a mild acid, like vinegar, or a descaling compound that you can get from your hardware store.

American Standard Bathroom Faucets: Disk Faucets

Here again we have an innovation in bathroom faucets. These are also single handled faucets that you move up and down to regulate water flow and from side to side to regulate the water heat. The cylindrical shaped body of the faucet is sometimes crafted into very interesting and unusual shapes. They are not always short and stubby as are many other types of faucet. You can get them in tall and thin shapes as well.

American Standard Bathroom Faucets: Electronic Faucets

This is cutting edge stuff! These faucets usually run on lithium batteries, although plug-in transformer kinds are available too. They are completely hands-free and are activated either by infrared sensors or by automatic camera focus technology. They are ideal in places where they can contribute towards a germ free environment.

They are also helpful in homes where people with various disabilities can make use of them.

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